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Short statement about what and why I create


I seek to sincerely document, while creatively subtracting, adding, and rearranging the creations of philosophers past.  Many spiritual disciplines influence my work, chief among them though not limited to, the Western Esoteric traditions of Rosicrucianism, Hermeticism, Germanic Paganism and  Comparative Mythology. I do not feel the need to belong to any religious organization or practice any form of rigid spirituality. Instead, I attempt to practice and value the transcendent abilities of observation through symbol and nature, which are accessible to every individual.


My most important scholarly influence is Joseph Campbell, a 20th century researcher of comparative mythology best known for his PBS series "The Power of Myth". Campbell's writing succeeds in getting to the heart of a spiritual discipline by examining its core movements and translating them to a universal understanding.  His form of investigation without judgment is the practice with which I most align myself and hope to emulate.

I use spiritual symbols and concepts because I love the complex yet simple beauty with which they communicate.  The alchemical emblems of authors past, the beautiful allegorical works of Botticelli and other Renaissance masters are an endless inspiration to me; they render context with beauty. The contemporary American Art World has left the arena of spiritual art, considering it cliché, kitsch, or an area of specialization that doesn't need to be re-examined. I believe there is still creativity left in the discipline of spiritual art, where one can make up their own spirituality and rearrange without irony.  Spiritual art is still relevant and can yield beauty and concept with thoughtful purpose, the highest form of expression.

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