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"The Geometer"
60" x 37" Oil, Gold Leaf on Canvas, 2011

The geometer in this piece represents the mathematical process in nature that gives rise to shape and form.  The banner above the man shows a nine fold structure depicted with gold leaf dots encircled by blue.  This structure progressively shows the life cycle of a flower, more precisely the blue flower that is  seen throughout the composition.  The cycle suggests that the physical flower has grown to a fill a predetermined geometric blueprint which survives after the death of the flower.  In the banner the gold dots represent spirit, the dark earthy tones represent the material world into which it manifests.  This principle is echoed in lower left hand corner by the golden saucer, or spiritual container, into which is poured the dark water, or material substance.

The man holds a compass and an open book which depict the stages of the blue flower, suggesting that he is following a procedure which leads to the creation of the flower, making him the geometer. 

The mans robe is adorned with 33 diamond like designs, twenty six having a different color in each and seven having a golden dot.  The twenty six colors are a simple cypher for the twenty six letters of the english alphabet. In the center of the page is a square with one hundred squares inside.  Utilizing the color alphabet from the cypher on the robe the square is able to be read from the upper left to the  lower right.  It reads-

"So that the beginning is to the end as the end is to the beginning and that to the distance between there is neither"

This statement suggests that from the view of material substance, in this case the flower, there is a beginning and an end- a finite cycle- though from the standpoint of the eternal geometric or spiritual framework the cycle is infinite.

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