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69" x 60" Oil, Gold Leaf on Canvas

In this piece a man and woman are shown between two trees on a ledge overlooking a sand dune vallery.

The man is shown aiming a bow and arrow up towards an outgrowth of flowers.  The flowers represent the female egg, while the bow and arrow represents the male spermata and fertilization of the egg .  The bow has been shown to represent coitus in ancient china among many other middle eastern cultures.  The flowers fall from above and are collected by the female in a basket that she holds over her womb.

The two swans are shown wings stretched, with elongated necks facing eachother and holding small circles in their mouths.  Golden scrolls above the swans weave around the tree limbs and swans upon which are written "Sol" and "Luna" or Sun and Moon respectively.  The Sun representing the male, the moon representing the sun, the swans are shown joining two circles they hold in their mouths.  The circles, one gold and one silver, represent the coming together of the male and female, sun and moon.  they also represent the vesica pisces, and ancient symbol that has many interpretations, in this case the coming together of the spiritual and mundane or physical worlds.

The serpentine shape seen on the mans head represents the male spermata. The  23 blue dots adorning his head represent the 23 chromosomes.

Symbolism on the whole-
The trees, swan,and flowers on the left can be seen as the dome of the night sky, the spiritual world and feminine energy respectively. The small star like objects falling from the flowers are meant to bring this concept of a larger universal concept in direct correlation with the concept of them representing the eggs of the female.  The trees and swan on the right represent the night sky, the material world, and the male energy.  The male figure is shown penetrating the night sky with his arrow brining forth the flowers or stars down to the earthly realm below or into the physical womb of the female.

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