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Chris Sedgwick



Born in Florida in 1981, Chris Sedgwick began painting at a young age and shortly after graduating from Florida State University in 2003, he began a full time career in art in Asheville, NC.  He gathers inspiration from a wide variety of esoteric spiritual resources from European Paganism, Rosicrucianism, Christian Mysticism and comparative mythology to Chaos Magick.  His work approaches the intersection of art and spirituality without the contemporary overuse of irony, seeking to add to it with sincerity.  His work is in numerous private collections worldwide and is housed in the permanent collections of Florida State University,Western Carolina University, Purdue University, etc. Sedgwick currently lives and works from his home in Colorado, drawing inspiration from the beauty of the region.


The inter-penetrating layers of symbolism, mysticism, and narrative in my work constitute a timeless world of ancient rituals and divinatory rites.  In synthesizing techniques of the old masters and ancient mystical teachings, my work focuses on the uniqueness and universality of inner landscapes and transcendent experience.



Florida State University

Bachelors Degree of Fine Art, 2003


Public Collections


Western Carolina University Museum
Cullowhee, NC
Florida State University Museum
Tallahassee, FL

Xavier University Museum

Cinncinati, OH
Kessler Collection, Public and Private
Orlando, FL

Purdue University Museum

West Lafayette, IN




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Radio Interviews

Billups, Jay, JBCM Radio, featured artist and interview Oct 2016 (click for link to show)



Purdue University Purchase award for "March of the Liliputians" 2014
Xavier University Purchase award "Multicultural Expressions of Faith" 2013

Andy McLachlin Endowed  Scholarship 2003               
Ogelsby Gallery Annual Purchase award 2002


2023- Oct. 6- Oct. 22, "Astral" at The Grand Bohemian Gallery, Charleston, SC, concurrent Solo Shows
2021- Feb. 3- Feb. 27, "Luminosity" at Cultural Center of Cape Cod, Cape Cod, MA Group Show
2020- July 31- September 20, "Rocky Mountain Biennial" Museum of Art Fort Collins, Fort Collins, CO Group Show
2018- September 2018, "Segundo Encuentro de arte figurativo..."  Museo del Pueblo de Guanajuato (Mexico) Group show
2018- April26th- June 24th "Segundo Encuentro de arte figurativo...", MURA (Museo Raúl Anguiano),  Guadalajara, Jal. (Mexico) Group show
2016- March 21- April 21- Solo show at the Grand Bohemian Gallery at Asheville, NC

2015-  Sept. 2015 Featured Gallery Artist at the Taos Arts fair held in the Grand Bohemian Gallery at El Monte Sagrado, Taos, NM

2015-2016- Oct 25- Feb 7, 2016 "Springs Surreal" Fine Arts Center Museum of Colorado Springs, Colorado Springs, CO

2014- April 5- May 26 "Indelible" Alexi Era Gallery, St. Louis, MO

2014 - March 10- April 26 “March of the Liliputians” Robert L. Ringel Gallery at Purdue University, West Laffayette, IN

2013 - Sept. 2013 "New Works"(Group Show), Elaine Erickson Gallery, Milwaukee, WI

2013 -Aug 23 - Oct 11 "Multicultural Expressions of Faith" group show at Xavier University Art Gallery, Cinncinati, OH

2013 -June-July, "Fiction" Group show at Modern Eden Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2013 -May 31-June 28, "Magnitude 7" group show at Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

2013 -May- June, "The Language of Flowers" Group show at Modern Eden Gallery, San Francisco, CA 

2013 - April- May, "In Process" Group show at Arts at Denver, Denver, CO

2012- June 1, "New Works", solo show at Gallery Minerva, Asheville, NC
2011 - November 10- December 31, “New Works” Group Show at Robischon Gallery, Denver, CO
2011 -June 3 Art Walk, “New Works”(solo show continuation of “Gatekeepers of The Cycle”, Gallery Minerva, Downtown Asheville, NC
2011 -May 3-28, “Gatekeepers of The Cycle”, Dual Solo Show at The Dalet Gallery, Old City, Philadelphia, PA
2011 -January-February, “The Self Portrait”, Group Show at the Elaine Erickson Gallery, downtown Milwaukee, WI
2010 -Sept. 24-26,  “Alchemy throughout the Ages” Rosicrucian Salon, Group show at the St. Francis Hotel, Santa Fe, NM
2010 -July 15-Aug 28, “Rooted in Nature” Group show at Elaine Erickson Gallery, downtown Milwaukee, WI
2009 -June 5th-July 5th,  "Ancient Pathways" Solo show at Gallery Minerva, downtown Asheville, NC
2006 -May 5- April 5, "Local Visionaries" at Front Gallery, Downtown Asheville, NC
2004 -February, “Arts in the Warehouse” Providence, RI
2003 -May, “Graduation Show” Florida State University Museum of Art, Tallahassee, FL
2001 -November, Ogelsby Gallery annual juried 3-D show, Tallahassee, Fl
2001 -March, Ogelsby Gallery annual juried 2-D show, Tallahassee, Fl, purchase award
2001 -February, Gadsden Art Center, Quincy Fl


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