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Master Cypher


This page describes the language that I created and use in my artwork.  I picked certain motifs across multiple spiritual doctrines.  These concepts are found in many spiritual doctrines, for the sake of brevity I have chosen just a few of my favorite to describe the topics at hand. 

A (1)

The first source, the light from darkness, the Black Hole sun in freemasonry, the light and breath of God in Semitic religions, the "central sun" in Theosophy, Surya in Hindu religions, etc.  The God source, the All.  The Jungian process of the alchemical wedding by diving into the unconscious darkness and brining forth the light.  The point to creation.

B (2)

The Second letter, the second being the newest creation of the source(A,1)          .  This force is the only other force that can create more life, it is the female.  Alchemically an upside down triangle is both water and female.  A rod goes into this triangle representing the male force entering the female force- impregnation of the creative ability.  This form is modeled after the germanic Rune “man, mon, moon or Ma”          meaning to mother, to increase.  The alchemical water of life.  In Germanic Paganism the Aeser.  Alchemical water.

C (3)

The third letter, Ares, Aries the king, the start of the zodiac.  The sign that creates from pure will with benevolence and power.  The male form, the alchemical upward triangle       mixed with the zodiacal symbol for male (Aries.)         The two round horns represent the testicles, the long staff represents the phallus, and the triangle represents the Christian Trinity and is a mirror of the threefold nature of god as expressed in the form of man.  The alchemical fire.  The reflection of the light from A,        the god source.  God made man “in his image.”        


D (4)

Germanic Pagan rune for D         inside a square.  This symbol shows two triangles touching inside a square.  The square represents the spiritual symbol for the material world.  Earth being the theatre in which the previous two letters act within.  The two triangles are the male and female symbol, the fire and water symbol at play on the globe of humanity.  The positive and negative forms of spiritual energy condensed into material form encased in nature.  This symbol is a mix of the male and female symbols mixed within the square of matter or earth.   


E (5)

Squaring the circle, the mixing of spirit and matter in Alchemy.  The square representing matter as described in D and the circle being spirit as described in A.  This is the symbol of mankind infused with the spirit and not just functioning on a deterministic scientific plane.  Derived from alchemical depictions of the “Philosophers Stone.”


F (6)

This symbol is a mix of the Semitic and Freemasonic seal of Solomon with its six points,           though

rearranged into a non equilateral grouping and the Germanic pagan rune for “Hagal”        , which is also the sixth letter of the Runic alphabet.  Hagal is the all enclosed, to hail.  “Harbor the All in yourself and you will control the All.”  This is also the alchemical symbol for the mixing of fire and

water          , the enlightened being, the de-gendered being of the Bodhisattva.  This symbol represents the praise of the “All”, the calling forward of this source power of God through symbolic gesture.  The physical ritual to conjure the All.


G (7)

The seventh letter, the number seven, sacred to most religions of the world.  This often represents God and


the levels of the spiritual world.  This symbol is a derivation from the Hebrew letter “Aleph”            , which


means to breath.  It is also a derivation of the Runic symbol ge, go, gifa, god, and geo (earth)            and death.  The skaldic awakening.  This letter represents the stages of life, death and re-awakening.  In Freemasonry this degree is called the Provost and Judge. The "G" also represents "God" the majority of time in Freemasonry, though it can represent other things in context.  G just happens to be the seventh letter of the alphabet.   This is the character of god in the Hero’s journey, the entirety of a doctrine, The All in its components.  These are just a few small diagrams showing the importance of the number 7 in just one form of Esoteric Christianity.

H (8)

This eighth character is modeled after the Germanic Rune of the ‘Norn”         , the eighth rune given to Odin as well as the Hebrew and Freemasonic concept of the pillars to Solomon’s temple Jachin and Boaz, the entrance of the house of God, the All, etc.  Jachin translates roughly as “He will establish.”  Boaz translates as “Strength.”  These pillars are located on the South and North respectively.  Together they say “He will establish Strength.”  In the masonic tradition there is often a ladder near or between these two pillars, as is represented in the character above.  The number eight represents the division of the All, Source, God, etc.  The character in use today for eight has touching mirror circles resembeling a splitting of the source or circle in the symbol











for A         , the replication, the reincarnation in another form, akin to cell division.  The going through the journey, returning home back to your self changed and passing the struggle on to a new generation; Joseph Campbell’s journey of the Hero.  The circles in the number eight (8) can be seen as a cross section of the pillars, though in my representation the pillars are shown as two lines, like in the traditional English letter H, these are the pillars of Jachin and Boaz.  The Runic meaning deals with the mastery of ones fate, bridging the gap between future and past events, as in the masonic symbolism of having a ladder to climb the pillars upwards towards strength so in this depiction of the Runic letter there is a slanted ladder or line between the two pillars, like the traditional Rune, as it takes strength to continue the climb of life toward self actualization.  This letter represents the ability to conceptualize everything that comes before it, to incorporate ones self into this pyramid of ideas, to experience the journey of life, pass the Judge (number 7, the God or All) and pass the flame of life on to a new generation or move on to a new journey.  The concept of a journey to the self through proper direction and rebirth is also echoed in both the Buddhist and Pagan Icelandic concepts of the number eigh (Shown respectively.)  In buddhism the noble eightfold path leads to liberation from Samsara and an eventual rebirth, just as in the Icelandic symbol of the Vegvisir we also find the eightfold directional stave and the Huld Manuscript is quoted as saying about this stave: If this sign is carried, one will never lose ones way in storms or bad weather, even when the way is not known.  Mirroring the journey of the Hero to truth and rebirth.  

I (9)

The next two symbols represent the two possibilities that can arise in differing portions from this journey toward the eighth symbol and rebirth.  This ninth symbol represents a differing path from that of a journey towards enlightenment, it represents a journey towards a self that stays in the underworld, in this sense Hades or God of the underworld, “The Hidden One.”  This symbol is based on the Greek symbol for Pluto,


       the ninth planet (now reclassified as a dwarf planet.).  Hades was a dark and violent god whom obducted Persephone, the queen of the underworld.  Hades in this sense represents the stunted life, the eternally damned anti-hero, he who is not capable of passing on to enlightenment and dwells forever in darkness.  In old Norse pagan myth as well as Germanic myth there are two realms that warriors travel to upon death and a host of figures associated with this concept.  The Valkyries were viewed as demons of the dead and the word is translated as “choosers of the slain.”  In this interpretation one goes on the journey of the hero, the grand symbolic journey towards the self and if one is not courageous and successful then one will stay in this dark place- a place where one loses their frame of reference and loses ones sense of self.  This “suicide of the self” is associated with the realm of Freyja, whom takes half of the dead in the battlefield.  In this case the spiritual battlefield of the self.  In Abrahamic religions this suicide of the self can be viewed in many Biblical tales, one being the “Binding of Isaac”, Abraham is asked to sacrifice his son, symbolically his seed, his future self, what he leaves behind for the world, in order to obey God in the Hebrew sense.  This sacrifice of the self in order to, in a way, be one with god can be seen as the overcoming of fear.  Should Abraham have not complied he would have been stuck in fear, stuck in this dark place of self suicide.  He would have been stuck in the underworld, Hades, Pluto, the unconscious, the fear.  This sigil is a mix of Freyja’s Rune           and the Alchemical symbol for Pluto.  


J (10)

The tenth letter and number represent the other side of the journey of the Hero/Heroess, the enlightened powerful one, capable of overcoming the journey towards the underworld.  To come out on top triumphant. 


This symbol is based on the Germanic Rune of Thor         meaning Thor, thorn, thunderbolt. The valkeryie, mentioned above, go into death sleep- “It is the thorn of life from which death is conquered by rebirth”, a constant renewal.  This idea is echoed also in the English number of 10.  The circle of the original source


        is shown along side a single line, a staff,  the rod of man that comes out of the All, God and into his own by taking the journey into the self and coming out victorious.  I interpret this figure in the Abrahamic


religion as Jesus, the Alchemical “son” of God         , the physical embodiment of the spiritual source that has come from the highest place and given a message back, the journey of the self towards truth and the spreading of this truth, the rebirth or planting of this word in mankind.  This character is based of Thor’s rune but an additional triangle is added to show a journey to both sides of a straight path, similar to the Tau Cross of Christianity.    










The symbol is both negative and positive.  The two dots represent the beginning place and the final place one arrives at through self actualization.  


K (11)


This eleventh symbol represents the mixing of the opposites B and C, I and J, the composite of the male and female archetypes with the sense of God dissolved into their being embodied in the physical form triumphant and ready to duplicate with the spirit of the All inside.  The birth of form with full knowledge of the journey described in symbols 1 through 8, with accounts, properties and a mixture of both I (9) and J (10).  This knowledge of the All gained from the hero’s journey through the form of man.  Mankind is represented as an upward pointing triangle        , the fire force of mankind, lucifer (a descriptive of a light bringer), the bright and morning star.  Though this property is now considered “evil” by the majority of contemporary Christianity I refer to this concept for its antique and mythological purpose.  The being that was the light of the world and wanted to be as a god but condemned to go through the underworld and experience the pain of humanity, from which is rendered the beauty(Venus) of humanity.  As in many religions, pain and suffering are the inescapable experiences that are necessary to transcend beyond them, like in Buddhism.  To be like a god, to want for the impossible.  The beauty and at the same time, the condemnation, to live as a spiritual being trapped in a physical form. This symbol represents the condemnation and at the same time, privilege to repeat this long journey from generation to generation.     
In Christianity:

"Flammas eius lucifer matutinus inveniat: ille, inquam, lucifer, qui nescit occasum. Christus Filius tuus, qui, regressus ab inferis, humano generi serenus illuxit, et vivit et regnat in saecula saeculorum"


"May this flame be found still burning by the Morning Star: the one Morning Star who never sets, Christ your Son, who, coming back from death's domain, has shed his peaceful light on humanity, and lives and reigns for ever and ever"

In the Germanic Pagan traditions, this eleventh symbol is also similar to the “Odal Rune.”           The meaning of this rune is roughly translated as “Inheritance, heritage, inherited estate”, it’s etymology is also associated with “nobility” or “lineage.” This rune is translated as “o”, I take this symbol for “o” as the


circle in the original A         as the spirit source from which is taken the knowledge or “dot” in the center down to earth.  This is the inheritance of the spirit gained from the All by the hero’s journey into the underworld.

These motifs represent the rebirth of a new journey, the regeneration of generations.  

*Note on the Othala/Odal Rune- this rune is used by Woutanists, Odanists, and Asatruar in a spiritual sense and has nothing to do with politics in this text.  I have placed the picture of this rune here as an example for it’s spiritual purpose.  

The previous Symbols represent an eight fold path of humanity, it’s chief archetypes and the result entailed; an eleven fold cycle.  They make up the root and archetypal symbols used in the cypher.  Below are various component parts, elements, and properties within the theatre of creation.

L (12)


This symbol is representative of a grape harvest.  It represents sexual energy and religious ecstasy.  Associated with the Dionysian cult, this is the 12th letter in this magical alphabet, the “1” represents the rod


of man, the “2” represents the female as in          .  This twelfth letter is the coming together of these two forces, in a very physical sense.  Utopia, destruction, chaos, mystery, humanity.  Eroticism, indulgence, comedy, ecstasy.  


M (13)

This symbol is a representation of the major zodiacal constellations and the sun or the zodiacal belt with the sun at the center, which constitute 13 bodies in total.  In comparative mythology and Astrotheology this is often seen as a representation of Jesus and his twelve disciples- the religious figures often representing the properties of the astrological bodies embodied in flesh.  This idea of treating heavenly bodies in an Animistic sense is mirrored in the shape of the letter M when viewed through a Christian lens as well. My interpretation relates to the Trinity. There are three main points and two lesser points that make up the M.  First of the lesser points can be seen as the lowest point on the bottom of the first line of the M, representing the dark abyss from which the light arises to create the All or in the Christian sense, the “Father.”  This point at the top of the M is now a straight line “I”, from this point the energy travels downward into the realm of the physical in the form of the “Son”, or the All incarnate in the flesh.  From this point, death of the body occurs and the energy rises back up to the spirit realm to and falls back down again to be reborn.  A half circle is shown, the All, dropping with a rod descending to earth or spirit energy descending into the physical.  This act is repeated endlessly in time.  Used to show mans place in the Universe, the stars, heavens and Astral realm.  This letter represents the eternal return of Nietzsche, the eventual rebirth, death and decay then rebirth of the cosmic force.  The cut and re-tethered silver cord of the Rosicrucians,  the Ouroboros of the Alchemists, the Hindu wheel of life and Sanchita, the dung beetle of the Egyptians, the three-fold return of the Wicca, the doubling of life that leads to a new beginning.  This symbol is also integral to the physics equation that Schroedinger created to explain wave function collapse. It represents Time and the endless Cycles of rebirth.

N (14)

The fourteenth symbol is a symbol for the human family, both physically and spiritually.  The doubling of Seven, the sacred number in many Spiritual doctrines.  This is based on a Germanic Rune for ka, Kaun, Kan,


Kein,           that is associated with Yggdrasill, “the world tree.”  This symbol is also related to the Jewish Mystical Kabbalistic “Sephirot” or “Tree of Life.”  This mix is shown by the addition of a bottom circle to the traditional runic symbol for ka, the sigil resembles a sprout and seed.  This represents our ancestors, both spiritual and physical from the source of god and their ancestral tree.  Used when History and Ancestry are involved.

O (15)


The 15th letter is referenced from the old Icelandic kenning,      , that translates as “Human Image."  The


first number in 15 is 1.  The first letter of this magical alphabet is A          , this symbolizes the source, the All,


so this is the first part of 15.  The 5 is the 5th letter of this magical alphabet or E           .  This letter was stated to be the letter/number of mankind infused with the spirit of the god source, the base human.  So, the fifteenth letter is an echo of Man after he has gone through the journey from 1 to 8 or A to H, the letter “O” is also the symbol for the God source without the black dot or original darkness from which light is born.  So the “O” is the “Human Image”, man in the image of god but not the All, or God, itself.  This symbol is also a circle or “O” split in half with one side closed and one side left open, the splitting of God into another form that can never return to make a full circle, hence half of it closed off.


P (16)

Logic, Reason, Philosophy, Architecture.  The abilities given to humans to navigate their way to the divine without the use of emotion.  Pure reason.  Science and Math.  This symbol is derived from Pythagoras and the Orphic Egg.  


Q (17)

Emotion.  This sigil deals with the emotion of the All, that which is not physical but animates the physical.  All color, all expression, all potentiality.  This is reminiscent of the Hermetic concept of the alchemical “Prima Material.”  I interpret it as “emotion.”  Emotion in this sense is not purely a human trait, it runs throughout the entire expression of the physical world and up into the ethereal, cosmic planes.  Everything was created for a purpose and embodies it’s creators intention, be this creation “alive” or “dead.”    This symbol is derived from the concept of Hermes in the Greek tradition who is often shown holding the


Caduceus        and the symbol for Mercury          which is a derivation of the Caduceus symbolism.  Mercury is thought of as the quick moving attribute, it is the planet that goes around the sun the quickest.  It is also associated with Hermes whom was portrayed as the messenger between the gods and man.  He is the trickster character.  Jung interpreted him as the God of the unconscious.  This symbol brings forth emotion into physicality as expression.  My sigil is a mixture of both of these old alchemical and zodiacal characters.  


R (18)

Narrative.  In Mormonism the Beehive  is a representation of the industry, harmony, order and the sweet results of a peoples toil and intelligent cooperation.  It is similarly used in Masonry, “He that will so demean himself as not to be endeavoring to add the the commons stock of knowledge and understanding, may be deemed a drone in the hive of nature, a useless member of society, and unworthy of our protection as Masons.”          











The beehive is also an important symbol in Rosicrucianism.  I used this symbol as a condensation of the meta narrative that humankind creates in relation to the All, the toil of building our coexistence often unconnected but utilizing the same traits and motives across cultures.  This hive of ideas coalesces to become the meta narrative of the human race.  

 The next four symbols represent the four major “Kingdoms” of the earthly realm.  


S (19)

Light or Human Kingdom.  This symbol is taken from a Germanic rune as well as an Old Norse/Icelandic rune kenning that translates roughly as “Light of the People”, they were both used for the letter “S.”  I use this symbol for S because this letter is in the shape of a serpent.  In Christian mythology the serpent tricks Eve into eating the apple, thus seeing the light that was not to be seen, gaining the knowledge.  This symbol is the curiosity of mankind and the facilitation of wisdom through investigation, it is the will of consciousness gifted to the human mind.  Also associated with Lucifer, the light bringer.  The light body, “Breath of Life”, the “Voice” of the God reverberating through Matter.  Used for “Breath”, Life force, Light body, consicoussness.


T (20)

Mineral.  This concept is taken from one of the seven levels of the Christian mystic tradition of Rosicrucianism, the Plane of Minerals.  This character represents the All’s expression of ideas through the cohesion of matter.  This matter is not dead as many think but a result of the acts of consciousness on material bodies, a reflection of ideas through growth and manipulation of matter.  Thought forms coming to pass.  Used for the concept that plant, animal, man and god can forge nature to fit its purposes, just as nature can forge itself to fit it’s own purpose.  This character is in the form of a crystal, one of the greatest expressions of mathematics and spirituality in the mineral realm.   


U (21)

Plant.  The Plant Kingdom is a living expression of the mineral world.  It consists of a large range of life forms with the ability to guide its own growth in relation to its physical environment.  It can also shape the material world around it.  These forms are able to exchange energy for the further crystallization of the material world, they adapt their structure in correspondence with their physical necessity a basal form of consciousness.  This character is taken from the ancient Irish Ogham script or the “Language of the Trees.” 


This is the symbol for “Alder” or “Fern.”           The Irish kennings associated with this are “vanguard of the warriors”, “milk container” and “protection of the heart.”


V (22)

Animal Kingdom.  The expression of will, the ability to work against your environment as well as with it to suit the corresponding needs of the organism.  The animal kingdom has a “Group Mind” form of consciousness that allows it to communicate without the necessity of verbal expression, though it often does use verbal expression.  The group mind behaves almost like the way wave function collapse occurs on the quantum scale, violating Local Realism and the principle of locality at times.  The character used to


symbolize this group is similar to a main character in the Schroedinger equation         with the addition of two golden dots that represent two separate but entangled seed atoms. 

The Next four symbols represent the base elements of the Ancient system.  The archetypes of mankind.  


W (23)

Water.  This symbol is the general Alchemical symbol for water           .  This symbol in alchemy represents the feminine, the unconscious, the negative pole, the darkness, the moon, the underworld that mankind must traverse to gain the gold or knowledge of the light, it is the winter before the spring, the anti-hero, and the cup of wisdom poured down into the material world.  The feminine moon goddess symbol can be traced far back into prehistory as the menstrual cycle of women is often aligned with the moon cycle. 

X (24)



Air.  The Alchemical air represented by the feather of Ma’at             , the Egyptian concept of truth, balance, order, harmony law, justice.  This feather represents the bird, a creature that can both walk the ground, dive into the water, and fly up towards the heavens.  This motif acts as an intermediary between the heavenly bodies and the earth.  


Y (25)

Earth.  This sigil represents earth and the upward growth toward the spiritual source of the heavens with a root firmly planted in the ground.  The sigil is shown like a sheath of wheat with roots planted firmly in the the ground.


Z (26)

Fire.  This symbols is the general Alchemical symbol for fire          .  As mentioned above this relates to the letter C, the third character.  It is the male force, creation from pure will with benevolence and power, the staff and rod, associated with the sun, the hero, the seeking of wisdom from the unconscious, the conscious mind exploring the unknown,  the positive force.  


Seed (27)

This symbol is taken from the Christian form of the mystic tradition of Rosicrucianism.  This is the Silver Cord that, for brevities sake, connects the spiritual body and higher vehicles with the material dense body by the “seed atom” of life- contained in a single atom that is recycled every time a new life is started. 


Growth (28)


This symbol is derivative of an Olive branch                   .  The olive branch is used throughout many European and Mediterranean cultures as a symbol for peace or victory.  It is also used as a symbol for the Holy Spirit in Christianity.  I interpret it to be the symbol for the strength and power used to crystalize matter using pure will derived from the All.  Agency, dedication, devotion, protection and power through reason.  The staff is shown with descending size branches or leaves as it grows straight up toward the heavens.


Flower (29)



This symbol is a derivation of the Fluer de lis,                which in itself is reminiscent of the Iris and Madonna Lily flowers.  Marian symbolism that brings forth the divine blessing through expression of the spiritual light of creation into the greatest reflection of beauty.  Devotion toward the beauty of generation, void of degeneracy and non tainted from vulgar attributes, pure.  Used when uncorrupted youth and innocence are present.

Death (30)


This symbol is the Greek character for “Omega.”             In eschatology this represents the end times or judgement of mankind.  Death in a physical sense.  Mans proclivity toward catastrophe and blindness of action.

Male (31)

Staff, the generative force shooting upward from the ground to the dome of the heavens.  The fire rising up to meet the sky.  The drives of man, creation, building of culture, exploring the stars and delving the depths of mystery to bring back knowledge. 

Female (32)

The cup, wisdom, the pouring down of spiritual knowledge onto humankind.  The cup holds the knowledge of the heavens that pours in down onto mankind, this concept is represented by the circle with a dot, the keeper of the knowledge that pours forth, The All, on top of a downward triangle, the symbol for water and the feminine.  


God (33)


Represented by a golden Vesica Piscis                       .  The Vesica Pisces is an intersection of two perfect circles with the perimeter of each intersecting with the center of the other.  This intersection creates an almond shape often thought to be a representation of the female sexual organ.  Inside this almond shape one can create two equilateral triangles, an upward one and a downward one. 







These shapes are the male and female in Alchemy, the fire and water, the positive and negative.  My interpretation of the Vesica Piscis is that of the God source or All duplicating itself into two perfect circles and in the center of this is the creation of mankind, originating from the feminine source, giving birth to both male and female.  


There are 33 vertebrates in the spine, which is important in many Eastern and Western religions, primarily to deal with the Chakras.  There are 33 degrees in freemasonry.  33 represents two triangles going into each other generating energy in a sexual or sixual fashion, a triangle has three sides and male and female are both represented by a triangle hence the Seal of Solomon representing the conjoining of these two








the 33 vertebrates in each human therefore doubled equals 66 or the coming together of two humans both physically and spirituality, 6 being the human number in Gematria. 33 deities in the Vedic religion. The degree at which all points of the universe collide in that religion. The divine name Elohim appears 33 times in the chapter Genesis and the temple of Solomon stood 33 years.  In Semitic religion, Jesus was crucified at 33. Jesus performed 33 miracles.


The circle splits, denoting that this whole cycle starts over again and at the center is the female regenerative force and the creation of the male and female out of the All.

The second ring from the outside...

This ring is blue and is a latin phrase "Annus Solaris, Annus Hominum, Annus Stellatum, Annus Deorum."  This translates as:

“Year of the Sun, Year of Man, Year of the Moon, Year of the Gods”

The third ring from the outside...

This ring is split into two halves, the upper half being the symbols for the zodiac and the bottom half being the symbols for the Sun,Moon, Pluto and the known planets in our solar system. 

The fourth ring from the outside...

This ring represents the polar cycl, the dualistic nature of the great journey the All takes in order to reflect itself in material form.  The positive, negative, light, dark, sun, moon, the begining to the end, etc.  Duality recycling itself.  I chose to represent it as a plus sign and minus sign.  This ring occurs first right out of the center beacuase the first act of the All or one is to split in two. 

The center circle...

This circle represents the All.  At the center is a circle from which radiates 8 energy spikes.  The significance of the number 8 has been discussed above in the letter "H."  It is also the symbol for Chaos in the discipline



of Chaos Magic.                   A small hole has been drilled through this part of the piece, representing the spirit.  This practice is common in Alchemical creations.   Below is an example, located in London, England.  This is the zodiacal clock on Bracken House.

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